Ask Alexa, google or 1ANY smart speaker   to “Play”
  The Beach Radio
  There are 100’s of Apps you can download
Listen to
The Beach Radio
on your Smart T.V
via the 100’s of providers
Tune into
The Beach Radio
on your Mobile, Tablet or Computer
What is an “App”?
An App is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.
How does an “App” work?
An “App’s” sole intention is to keep you engaged
with that particular brand.
An “App” often sends you messages, passes back information to marketing companies about your habits, preferences, and what your interested in, and often works in the background monitoring what you are doing even though you “think” you've turned it off .
Does The Beach Radio have an “Aapp”?
Yes & No ... 
Yes we have an “App” ... but
NO it does not “Lock” you into our brand.
 NO it doesn’t report back to us or anyone else
to try and sell you something.
How do I get this “App”
Quite easy ...
Just “Click” on the any of the buttons below
and you will be taken to the instructions page

Freephone 0800 488 0681


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